The Lérins Islands 


A legendary archipelago facing the Bay of Cannes, the islands of Lérins, Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat, are two unique jewels combining natural and cultural heritage.
Sainte-Marguerite Island offers visitors 152 hectares of state-owned pine and eucalyptus forest. The Fort Royal, the building that overlooks the island, is now a museum of the sea, but when the fort was used as a prison, the Fort Royal housed the legendary Man in the Iron Mask.
The smaller island, Saint-Honorat, is also the wildest. It is home to the abbey of Saint-Honorat, founded in the 5th century. Open to visitors, the island’s monks remain the only occupants. They produce wine, liqueur and honey.
This winter, the city of Cannes inaugurated near the southern shore of Sainte-Marguerite Island the first underwater eco-museum in France.
6 submerged statues, the work of British artist Jason deCaires, are accessible only with a mask and snorkel. Ecological works offering a refuge to fish and shellfish and they also promote marine biodiversity.

Access to the Lerins Islands from the port of Cannes – daily shuttles