Biodiversity is our priority

As a reminder, it is important to learn about eco-actions to preserve the species and spaces of our region and avoid their disappearance.

We advise you not to throw away or pollute the green spaces. It is important to throw away our waste and not to degrade the nature after our passage.

It is important to try to limit motorized travel in fragile/protected areas or in the city, to favor soft mobility which is expanding in recent years to limit pollution.

We must not hunt or abuse the fauna and flora in parks and gardens, in order to preserve endangered species.

In addition, it is advisable to respect any preserved or private space.

If possible, avoid plastic materials, and use reusable or biodegradable materials instead.

Buy natural and environmentally friendly products.

eco-friendly practices

It is preferable to take showers instead of baths, thus reducing water consumption.

As it is advised within the West End, the reasoned use of towels and sheets allows less washing and therefore reduce its water consumption.

We value local and fresh products at the breakfast buffet, such as honey in collaboration with a local beekeeper.

The use of electricity can be reduced by turning off the light when leaving the room or by using bedside lamps instead of large chandeliers.

It is important to sort your waste at home or not! We therefore invite you to use the waste garbage cans with different compartments set up in the hotel entrance.

The reduction of pollution is mainly due to the reduction of our very polluting travels. We propose you soft means of transportation and less polluting for the planet such as the tramway which is located at a few minutes of the hotel, or the use of bicycles, electric scooters, but also hybrid or 100% electric cars.