Our hive sponsorship with Mr. Torcat.

As we all know, bees are highly prized living creatures that are essential for the environment. Thanks to their honey production, we can enjoy vitamin-rich products and enjoy its metabolic benefits such as persistent sore throats. Knowing that a third of our food comes from their contribution, their loss in the long term would do great damage to the quality of life of us all.

This is why the West End Hotel decided a few years ago to collaborate and sponsor the beehives of Mr. Torcat located near Entrevaux, to offer a quality lavender honey to our guests and thus preserve this beautiful species.

Mr Yvon Torcat’s hives are located in the hinterland of Nice in an environment free of pesticides and insecticides. The bees gather the coveted lavender which is known for its quality and fragrant taste.

Having known bees for 30 years now, Mr Torcat works with 80 hives and precisely with local bees: the black bees.