Restaurant Le Siècle: Walk of flavors on the Promenade des Anglais …



Located at the foot of the historic West End Hotel, Le Siècle restaurant is a real cocoon of conviviality where healthy and local cuisine combine to perfection.

Installed in the kitchens for several months now, chef Cyril Breteau is reinventing Mediterranean cuisine by navigating between seafood specialties and authentic French recipes. A true pioneer of organic cuisine, he even grows edible flowers that adorn and embellish his dishes in a hanging garden within the West End hotel. His passion, to concoct his dishes with the best products of nature.

Nicknamed “BioMan”, this ace of the culinary arts likes to take his guests on a gustatory journey through plant-based and local cuisine. The dishes are devoured by the eyes and savored with delicacy in the idyllic setting of a chic brasserie with a “timeless” decoration. All this, facing the iconic Promenade des Anglais.

On the menu, an organic salad with parmesan shavings and spring onion oil, half-cooked amberjack with arugula emulsion and ginger sauce, snacked scallops with granny apples, spinach and blackberries, or a mouse of lamb confit accompanied by pan-fried seasonal vegetables.

Unique flavors in an exceptional place, here is the perfect recipe for a most magical lunch or dinner at the restaurant of the West End hotel!