Mediterraneo, a new gourmet address opens its doors at the Gare du Sud in Nice!



For the past few weeks, Gare du Sud has been home to Mediterraneo, a real culinary gem where Mediterranean culture shines! Located in the heart of the Liberation district, this place of life and experience invites you to discover authentic cuisine, to experience artistic moments, and enjoy moments of sharing with friends or family. Whether you are looking for new adventures during your stay at the West End hotel or a curious local, this address will delight your taste buds.

Extend your journey to your plate! At Mediterraneo, cooking is a subtle art where Mediterranean flavors are fully expressed. All dishes are prepared on site using fresh, local produce, providing the most exquisite dining experience. The Gare du Sud is a hall where greed and conviviality reign. With its open kitchens, the chefs of the Mediterraneo share all their creativity with the public and make their cooking a real sensory experience.

Mediterraneo is the ideal place for a refreshing break during a stroll through the colorful streets of Nice. Enjoy a delicious cocktail with sunny and tasty aromas before returning to your hotel room. In addition, throughout the seasons, this iconic place offers you different activities. Whether you are passionate about art, music, or eager for discovery, Mediterraneo always has something to offer you.

Don’t wait any longer to sit down at this address during your stay at the West End hotel.

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Photo : Mister Riviera Blog