Eco-responsible waste management at the heart of the Hotel West End



Since January 2023, the West End Hotel has demonstrated its commitment to waste management. In collaboration with les Alchimistesspecialists in the recovery of food waste, the establishment has managed to collect and recycle 2930 kg of bio-waste to date. These are collected locally and transformed into compost.

This initiative has significant benefits, both ecological and social. The 529 kg of compost produced enriches the soil, benefiting many individuals as well as the gardening and urban agriculture sectors. This waste recovery operation generated 23.4 hours of local jobs, demonstrating the positive impact on the regional economy.

This summer, the West End hotel reached an important milestone, sorting nearly 91% of its waste, estimated at nearly 2.5 tonnes, in just three months. These results reflect a sustained involvement in eco-responsible and proactive management of clearance. The establishment is thus rewarded with a 3-star sorting rating, highlighting its excellent performance in this area.

The West End Hotel, part of the 3A Hotels La Collection, stands out for its exemplary commitment to the recovery of bio-waste. This new approach with the Alchemists is not only an environmental gesture, but also an act of social and economic involvement contributing to shaping a more sustainable future for our planet.

At the start of 2023, all establishments in the 3A Hôtels La Collection group obtained the Green Key label after having implemented a multitude of eco-responsible actions in order to reduce the impact of their activities on the planet. The hotel remains resolutely committed to continuing and strengthening these environmental initiatives.

Travel while preserving the planet at the West End hotel!