Profile : Joseph Mendoza, valet at the West End Hotel



Each month, Hotel West End**** puts the spotlight on its employees through a serie of questions, to find out more about their jobs and what drives them in their positions. To kick off this portrait series, the hotel is delighted to introduce Joseph Mendonza, valet at the West End Hotel.

Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Joseph Mendonza. Aged 51 and father of 4, I am originally from the Philippines. Settled in Nice since the 2000s, I’ve been working as a valet at the West End Hotel since 2017.

What are your missions as a valet ?
As a valet, I see to the proper upkeep of the rooms, under the responsibility of the governess. When guests leave, I take care of cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning windows, dusting furniture and changing towels. I’m also in charge of checking the general smooth running of room equipment, reporting any damage or repairs to my manager.

What do you enjoy most about your job ?
I enjoy the versatility of my job despite its difficulty. It’s a pleasure to work in the setting of this magnificent hotel, especially as I can walk to work every day, living not far away. I’m also fortunate to have caring and very human managers.

What advice would you give to an employee just starting out ?
It’s very important to always have a smile on your face, to be friendly and polite to hotel guests. Even if I don’t speak perfect French or English, it’s still essential !

What’s your favorite place in the West End Hotel ?
I can’t think of one particular place in the hotel! I love this hotel because it’s really beautiful and working in a setting like this, motivates me enormously.

Finally, what advice would you give guests to enjoy their stay?
Nice is a beautiful city that I know very well, now. There’s so much to see and discover; I can’t get enough of the Promenade des Anglais and the view of the sea… it’s a must-see in Nice.