Portrait: Maria Da Veiga, general Housekeeper



Each month, the West End Hotel**** has decided to put the spotlight on its employees through a series of questions, in order to find out more about their jobs and what drives them in the course of their duties. Today, the hotel is honouring Maria Da Veiga, the hotel’s general housekeeper.

Can you introduce yourself?
I’m 42 years old and I’ve been working as a General Housekeeper at the West End Hotel for around 2 years now. After obtaining a BTS (HND) in Business Administration, I ended up in the hotel business by chance, and one thing led to another and I became a General Housekeeper. My job consists of controlling the rooms, directing the floor staff and managing the housekeeping side of things.

Why are you so passionate about your job?
What I enjoy most about being a General Housekeeper is being out in the field. Every day is different and I’m constantly on the go!

What advice would you give to an employee just starting out?
To do this job you have to be passionate about it! It’s not an easy job, you need to be patient, but you also need to be rigorous and have an eye for detail. It’s also a job that demands rigour… every detail is important!

What’s your favourite part of the West End Hotel?
Without hesitation, the rooms, because the view is incredible! It’s really nice to work in these conditions. It makes work easier!

What are your best memories?
My best memories are undoubtedly the moments of sharing with my colleagues! It keeps us motivated! Staff parties are also organised regularly… and they’re great for keeping the team together!

Finally, what advice would you give customers to make the most of their stay?
You can’t stay in Nice without visiting the château… The view is incredible. You can’t help but be amazed by the view of the Promenade des Anglais.