Crêpe Suzette, the specialty of Le Siècle restaurant



Careful, hot ahead! Today, the West End Hotel shares its secret Crepe Suzette recipe ! A historic dessert that has been setting the tables of its restaurant Le Siècle on fire for years, making this establishment an essential address for the most gourmet.

On the most beautiful Promenade of the Côte d’Azur, it is at the foot of the iconic establishment that nestles a chic brasserie with “timeless” decoration which takes each visitor on a taste journey with a thousand and one flavors .

At the head of the brigade, Cyril Breteau better known as “Bio Man” reinvents Mediterranean cuisine with fresh products from organic farming. A true artist, he concocts creamy dishes every day that will thrill all your senses. His cuisine is a real cruise for your taste buds, which will sail between seafood specialties and authentic French recipes. Among them, we find the traditional crêpe Suzette.

Orchestrated by the server team, it’s a real show that takes place before the eyes of the customers! Flambéed at the table under the amazed gaze, the crêpe Suzette is a pleasure for the 5 senses, so will you be tempted? If you succumb to it, do not hesitate to share your moments on Instagram with the hashtag #MyWestEndMoments.


Crêpe Suzette recipe


Notice to amateurs, chef Cyril Breteau reveals his recipe for the crepe suzette:
  • 30 gr of white suger
  • 2 crepe
  • 10 orange supremes
  • A few grams of orange zest
  • 20 gr of butter
  • 4 cl of Grand Marnier

Pour the sugar into a pan and caramelize it until it has a nice brown hue.

Incorporez le beurre et mélanger de façon continue.

Add the butter and mix continuously.

Once the caramel is orange and homogeneous, dip the pancakes on each side.

On the last side, pour the large Mariner and blaze.

If you haven’t set the house on fire, make yourself comfortable and taste. Enjoy your food

The chef’s little secret: never lower the temperature of the caramel, which must always remain hot !

(Photos C. Rougier – Agence AZ Nice)